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Ashley Fisher’s osteonecrosis called for two hip replacements, but an innovative procedure saved her left hip.
William Gay was nervous when he needed neurosurgery. Huntington Hospital provided the confidence he needed to get through it.
Robert Trasolini, MD: Skeletal immaturity, sports science and increasing recurrence have all contributed to ACL tears spiking among teenage athletes.
William Healy, MD: By 2030, 19 percent of the US population will be age 65 or older and total joint replacement will become a viable option to keep people moving.
Ashley Burlage, MD: Playing video games or using your phone is not the root of the musculoskeletal condition, but it can flare symptoms. Here’s what you can do to find relief.
Robert Trasolini, MD, shows how the minimally invasive procedure has slowed arthritis and eliminated the future risk of hip replacement for younger athletes.
Millions of people are impacted by human trafficking worldwide each year. The blueprint to making effective change starts with education.
The Mortensen-Capra family celebrated a fourth generation being born at Huntington Hospital in 2018. See their story.
Women can now receive gynecologic and obstetrical care from Huntington Hospital’s midwifery team at Commack, Smithtown locations.
Huntington Hospital has installed a secure box in its lobby for patients and visitors to safely dispose of unused prescription medications.